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Lulu Lemon's Pop-Up Event

Lulu Lemon partners with fitness influencer Natacha Océane for the latest health and wellbeing event!

Verve Display headed to Battersea Power Station this week to set up a fun, engaging and refreshing pop up event with Lulu Lemon and ambassador Natacha Oceane.

The event featured a host of activities related to health and fitness, where guests were able to meet the fitness influencer herself and spend the day in this unique, visually stimulating space.

With sustainability in mind, the entire construction was bespoke, using environmentally sourced FSC timber, water based paints to colour the walls, shelves and boxes, and branding being produced on our new Epson R5000 using sustainable water based inks.

At the beginning of our push to be as sustainable as possible in early 2019, there were challenges, yet it has become second nature now to deliver sustainable projects, and with the help from our machine and material suppliers it’s an easier transition to make in 2022. Being sustainable is a mind set, so once all on board, the challenges of late soon became achievable, with the objective at the forefront of Verve’s vision being to help play our small part in protecting the planet.

Credit for the photos goes to @desilesphotography on Instagram

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