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Don’t ruin Dave’s world.

At VERVE, we aim to keep our planet as vibrant as our print displays.

Setting the standard for a whole new world in environmentally conscious printing.


Our trajectory to Net Zero has begun.

We’re fully committed to reducing the impact of our business on the environment. That’s because we’d like our planet to be around longer than our print. While it goes without saying that our graphics are so sharp they actually look real, we can’t compete with the awe of nature!

We value and execute the four R's - Recycle, Reduce, Re-purpose and Re-use so here’s what we do:


  • In Jan 2020 we began operating ‘zero waste to landfill’ putting us on a par with national supermarkets

  • We partner with Elite Recycling.  70% of our waste is currently recycled. 30% is recovered*

  • We collaborate with suppliers and recycling companies to continually improve our recycling capability



  • We invest in ‘greener’ print technology – including the latest EPSON R5000 printer

  • We support our clients by offering non-pvc substrate alternatives (more sustainable solutions) from concept to completion with our Enviro range

  • We use FSC sourced wood frames from well managed forests and/or recycled sources

  • The bulk of the wood we purchase is sourced from Ireland equating to minimal transportation and fuel consumption

  • We have set ourselves the target of reducing our energy impact year on year

  • We have installed LED lighting throughout our HQ

  • We operate ULEZ compliant vans


  • We work with a plastics broker where plastics are recycled into new plastic materials

  • Staging, walls and structures are refurbished rather than disposed of to maximise usage

  • We have developed relationships across the local community who re-purpose surplus materials. So far, we have donated 2.2 tonnes to support this local initiative


  • We encourage the use of branded modular systems for exhibitions so that these can be re-sized and re-used for other events


*Recovered material is material we could not extract to be recycled. If it cannot be recycled, it is sent for energy recovery where it is baled and sent as RDF or would be incinerated. These methods avoid the material being sent for landfill and therefore make this a beneficial process for generating renewable energy.

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