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Great Ormond Street Hospital Rebrand

Get ready for a mesmerising transformation at the heart of Great Ormond Street Hospital 🏥✨

We've ushered in a vibrant, fresh era of wayfinding and colourful entrance branding. Our digital printing technology has allowed us to craft playful accents and whimsical illustrations, turning each corridor into a vivid canvas of joy and inspiration.

But what truly brings this captivating transformation to life is our specially engineered, antimicrobial laminate. This ensures the safety of all who walk these halls while preserving the radiance and durability of our print.

Great Ormond Street Hospital is more than just a building; it's a beacon of hope and healing, filled with extraordinary people. By incorporating photos of the team and stories of past patients, we've been able to add a personal, human touch that truly reflects the spirit of this remarkable place.

Join us as we honour the past, embrace the present, and eagerly anticipate a future that continues to be a testament to hope, healing, and the indomitable human spirit🤝!

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