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Formula E 2023 at ExCel London

Embracing net zero solutions to build a better and more sustainable world!

Verve Display have done it again, providing a ground-breaking branding solution for the recent Formula E event at ExCel London!

With our innovative approach, we offered a truly sustainable build and branding solution, aligning perfectly with the values of the Formula E electric racing series.

From eye-catching signage to stunning visitor displays, we ensured that every element of the event was eco-friendly and sustainable!

By utilizing renewable materials, reducing waste, and offsetting carbon emissions, Verve Display helped Formula E create an unforgettable experience while minimising their environmental impact.

We are proud to be part of this important movement towards a greener future, and we believe that sustainable branding is a key component of any event or marketing strategy.

Congratulations to Formula E for their commitment to sustainability, and a big thank you to our team at Verve Display for making it happen! Together, let's continue to embrace net zero solutions and build a better, more sustainable world.

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